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Our Mission
The Mission of Turn The Tide is to connect the tribe of humanity as One, and through the power of Love, shine forth our Light to push back every darkness and heal our world.

Listen now to hear the vision of Turn The Tide, and how you can make a life-changing difference in our world. 
Every voice counts, and we are honored to have yours. Namaste!   

Our Purpose and Passion
Greetings of peace and love!
Thank you for visiting Turn The Tide, a global movement to stand together in the power of love and push back the darkness to heal our world. I am excited that you want to support this movement and ultimately join your voice with millions of others. Turn The Tide gives each of us a unique opportunity to be the change that we want to see in the world!

The message of ancient wisdom has said, "Fear knocked at the door. Love answered and no one was there." It is our love that has the power to eradicate all fear during these challenging times in our world. The corona virus has become like a tidal wave of darkness. Much of humanity has watched its arrival and fell victim to its spread from a place of fear -- feeling hopeless and powerless. Nothing could be farther from the Truth.

We are not hopeless and we are not powerless. We can have great hope because within each of us is a power to create miracles, push back the darkness and heal our planet. This power is Love. It is the most powerful force on our planet and it holds the key to transforming all things. Love crosses every barrier and overcomes every resistance. Wherever there is Love there can be no fear.

Imagine yourself entering a dark room. As you turn on each Light in the room the darkness dissipates until it is completely gone. Darkness is not a thing; darkness is the absence of a thing! And the thing that is absent is Light! Our Love is the Light that overcomes all darkness and creates the miracles, the healing, and the change that we want and need to see in our world!

There are many voices right now that are beacons of Hope and brilliant Light in our darkness. Yet there is a separateness in these voices, as they come from many sources and are not yet able to be united. Much like an orchestra with instruments being played in separate rooms, the beauty and power of the symphony is splintered and lost without Oneness. 

Turn The Tide is a global movement that unites the tribe of humanity as One and brings together every voice so that we can experience the beauty and power of the music within. That music is Love!

Turn The Tide welcomes every culture, race, gender, religion, spirituality, nation -- every person -- to connect as One and push back the darkness through the power of Love. By designating specific daily times to connect with our power and express our Love, we will create a Universal Light to push back the darkness and heal our world.

Turn The Tide has designated 11:00am and 11:00pm daily (Central Standard Time) as a time to awaken and raise global awareness to the healing power of Love. We invite everyone at these specific times to take a moment and connect with your personal power Source -- whether it be spiritual, religious, nature, music, art -- and to deeply experience the Love within. 

As we experience Love from our Divine Source, we will collectively release this Love to the world through the expression of our choice, be it prayer, affirmations, chanting, meditation, visualization, singing, or even silence. You are an instrument of Love and only you can fill your place in our symphony of Light and Love. 

As we join together in Oneness as the tribe of humanity, our magnificent energy of Love will be released to the four corners -- North, South, East, and West -- in a brilliant Light that dispels all darkness and heals our world.

I graciously invite you to open yourself to the Love that flows to you from your Divine Source and place yourself in service to humanity by participating at these designated times. Then you will be a channel of Love in a global movement to touch, heal, and transform our world! This is our moment! 

The time is now to come together as a powerful tribe of One and collectively Turn The Tide from fear to Love!
And so it is. Amen. Namaste.

Our Community
Turn The Tide is a movement that is in service to humanity through the Love that heals all things! This is an inclusive, safe-place community where you can access resources to help you connect with your power Source, experience the Love within, and shine your Light in all of its brilliance! 

This will include a library of video, audio, and written tools. You can also request resources to assist you in accomplishing the Turn The Tide mission, and we will do our best to provide them.
Turn The Tide welcomes positive suggestions and constructive feedback so that we can serve you effectively and meaningfully. The Turn The Tide community is inclusive and will not permit exclusive agendas of any nature, such as political, religious, gender, etc. 

Our passion is to bring humanity together as a tribe of One. We will eliminate all barriers, distance, and separateness through the power of Love. All are welcomed, all are accepted, and all are unconditionally loved!

Turn The Tide encourages sharing stories of hope and inspiration, helpful resources, and reaching out for encouragement when needed. Our community is not a place to spread fear or panic, post information specifically about the virus or any other negative events in our world, or share opinions about the current state of affairs. 

While we recognize and acknowledge that our planet has been besieged with the darkness of a disease and the danger of fear, we are dedicated to pushing back this darkness by harnessing our power within so that we can Turn The Tide from fear to Love!

Thank you for respecting our Turn The Tide community and its life-changing mission. We are honored to have you here and we look forward to achieving miraculous things together!

The Research
Though you may not consider yourself an energy worker, you are one if you are living on our planet. As a human being, your thoughts, imagination, and vibrations can actually shift and rearrange the energy around you. 

So, imagine if the tribe of humanity as One dedicated their thoughts, imagination. and vibrations to a single vision. It would literally touch, heal, and transform the world. That is the hope of the Turn The Tide global movement. 
To experience such a magnificent outcome is not only our hope, but it is actually a researched phenomenon known as the "Maharishi Effect." It is best described by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, where he speculated that one percent of a population meditating on a positive aspect would produce measurable improvements in the quality of life for the entire population. The Maharishi Effect hypothesis was first reported as viable in 1976. It was many years later, in 2006, when a group of 1,726 meditators decided to test the hypothesis. 

These meditators, which represented 1% of the United States population at the time, meditated on peace for four years (2007-2010). During that same time the homicide rates and violent crimes in the United States dropped. The homicide rates dropped by 21.2% (5.3% per year) and violent crimes dropped by 18.5% (4.6% per year). This is an especially amazing outcome because there was an economic recession in 2008, and recessions typically lead to an increase of homicide rates and violent crimes! 

"I think the claim can be plausibly made that the potential impact of this research exceeds that of any other ongoing social or psychological research program. It has survived a broader array of statistical tests than most research in the field of conflict resolution. This work and the theory that informs it deserve the most serious consideration by academics and policymakers alike." (David Edwards, Ph.D., Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin) 

To date, there are some 14 studies and several peer-reviewed articles that support the Maharishi Effect. Turn The Tide may not be the voice of academics and policymakers. But we are the voice of the tribe of humanity, and we are stepping forward to raise our voice as One. Through this global movement we believe that we will experience the "Maharishi Effect" and thus heal our world. 

We will align our thoughts, imagination, and vibrations in the greatest power of all -- Love! And as we join together at the same time each day to do this, we will push back the darkness and Turn The Tide from fear to Love! 
The Visionary
MaryAnne Fowler is the visionary behind Turn The Tide. She has been an inspiration to countless people, especially during the past 10 years in her private practice as a Spiritual Guide, Energy Healer, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Life Coach.
The vision for Turn The Tide was given to MaryAnne during a recent time of meditation, and she believes that all paths in her life have led to this moment and this purpose. She has long been committed to her own spiritual growth and development, while assisting many others in achieving theirs. 

That commitment has positioned MaryAnne to be the voice for Turn The Tide as she places herself in service to the Love that heals all things and helps to awaken in others a desire to do the same.

MaryAnne is dedicated to the Turn The Tide global movement and shining her Light as a beacon of hope in a hurting world. Through a recent series of miraculous events, MaryAnne was able to experience her Light in a fullness beyond what she had ever known. 

In looking back, she has now "connected the dots" to understand that those miraculous events and the beloved people connected with them were Divinely orchestrated in her life for such a time as this!

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